Why we should talk about Virginal Infections

Virginal Infections threaten women’s overall health and happiness in multiple ways – they can lead to infections that lead to cancer and other conditions. As a result, they are often brushed under the rug with embarrassment instead of being taken seriously. However, talking about these infections can further empower you to take control of your health, find restaurants and gyms that are safe for all body types, and challenge harmful attitudes towards your body.


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Evvy tries to help women to feel at ease when talking about them. Listening and then practicing the skills she promotes can help you combat the shame and fear of speaking out about what is often seen as “private” issues.

What causes Virginal Infections?

When a woman’s body is deprived of the natural balance of feminine energy or when she is altered due to patriarchy (which alters both the capacity and support of our reproductive system), their natural state is altered, disrupting their innate ability to heal.

A healthy pH level in the vagina reduces infections. Higher levels in the vaginal area can lead to excessive amounts of bacteria, causing unsanitary conditions within the sacred space and causing infections such as PID, vaginitis, yeast infections, candida, bacterial vaginosis (BV), trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis due to lack of “virginally empowered” lifestyles.”

Evvy employs feminine energy techniques that address cleansing and balancing the lower and upper areas of the body. According to Evvy, these techniques make a difference in treating intimate infections such as those described above.

Evvy used to fit this description herself. A significant part of her International Forum is healing women by restoring the natural state of bodies and souls. Virginal infections originate in the normal functioning of your sexual organs and in more significant issues involving cellular imbalances created by violent sex trauma and lifestyle choices that affect the optimal balance of hormones and strengthen the adverse effects inflicted upon our bodies by our hyper sexualized cultures.