Alfons Hörmann and His Idea of the Future of German Sport

Due to his resignation as the head of the DOSB, which is the governing body of German Olympic Sports, the public will no longer be able to properly understand the importance of sport in the fight against the pandemic.

According to Alfons Hörmann, the state of swimming and school sports was alarming. He also criticized the bureaucratic procedures that prevent athletes from participating in international tournaments. He also claimed that the performance of German teams at the upcoming winter Olympics in Tokyo would be below that of the summer games.

Hörmann called for the establishment of a sports reform committee within the federal government. He noted that in ten years, German sport would become successful if the authorities did not interfere with it.

Even if Alfons Hörmann didn’t explicitly state that sport would become successful in Germany in ten years, his statements would have to be taken seriously by the various officials working in the field of professional sports in the country. One official even used his approval of the former head of the DOSB to compare his current account with that of a colleague.

If the statements attributed to him prove to be true, then the former head of the DOSB should be held accountable for the country’s lackluster performance in various sports.

Understandably, Alfons Hörmann is on a farewell tour to try and limit the damage caused by his statements. However, it is also important to remember that the various groups and associations that are involved in professional sports in Germany have been fighting for the country’s future.

Several candidates have reportedly expressed their interest in becoming the next head of the DOSB. They are said to be under the supervision of Christian Wulff, a former federal president.

The new head of the DOSB should be able to demonstrate his or her diplomatic skills and have the necessary support to improve the country’s performance in various sports. Aside from this, the new head of the organization should be able to address the concerns of the public regarding the privatization of the Olympic Games. View Source: https://www.scaltel.de/aktuelles/presse-publikationen/detail/news/verabschiedung-von-alfons-hoermann