How Bhanu Choudhrie created one of the best aviation companies in the world

Every young boy or girl has a special dream about their future. Some individuals abandon their childhood dreams when they realize that the path is complex and hard. For others, however, these dreams come into reality. One of the few personalities who have lived their dreams is Bhanu Choudhrie, a prominent serial entrepreneur and philanthropist from London.

The executive family began in India, and he moved to live and study in London when the opportunity came. In his early years, Bhanu Choudhrie admired the people working in aviation. This industry was amazing, and the executive wanted to get done with school so that he could become an astronaut of a reliable pilot. Although the path might have changed along the way because of his passion for business, the leader still managed to be the founder and owner of Alpha Aviation Group.

The company is already over fifteen years old, and it has expanded in numerous ways because of the passion if its founder. Alpha Aviation Group could not get into the market if Bhanu did not work with the largest airline company in India, Air Deccan. The budget airline was part of the numerous establishments owned by the large Bhanu Choudhrie family.

While at Air Deccan, the billionaire noticed that things were not excellent in the airline training processes. No one was willing to create a training facility for the few individuals getting into aviation. The determination Bhanu Choudhrie had led him to create the aviation platform.

Today, the institution can comfortably celebrate the successful graduation of more than one thousand qualified professionals. These pilots have so much respect in the market, and they come from forty nations in the world.

The company has amazing centers based in UAE and Philippines. The global facility makes the billionaire very content because it has created a major impact in the world since its formation.

About Bhanu Choudhrie: bhanu-choudhrie.com/