Andrew Frame Shares His Vision And Advice

Andrew Frame is a programmer and entrepreneur that began his journey when he created an internet service provider at the age of fifteen. He previously worked at Cisco Systems and founded a company called Ooma in 2004. His current project is Citizen, a revolutionary app that integrates location and 911 data to enable users to be aware of safety issues nearby.

He was inspired to create Citizen App when he realized that there was a dearth of apps that addressed safety. With Citizen, he wants users anywhere in the world to have a way to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. As an entrepreneur and creator, Andrew Frame is excited about the potential of apps and technology. Just as he created Citizen to fulfill one of humans’ basic needs – safety – he believes that the increasing integration of technology will continue to address important aspects of human life.

Frame believes that his habit of surrounding himself with brilliant people and his close attention to user experience have been key to his success. When both creating and working to improve his businesses, he has always taken user feedback seriously. Furthermore, Andrew Frame works with skilled and mission-oriented people that inspire him.

Andrew Frame also asserts that having passions outside of work is imperative to increasing productivity and remaining inspired. During the pandemic, he discovered a love of ballroom dancing. Although he makes an early start to his day, which plays to his strengths as a morning person, Frame reserves the later part of the day for exploring his hobbies.

He spends the time taking dance classes, experimenting with Italian recipes, or unwinding with wine and a good book. He insists that he takes more inspiration from literature, film, and poetry than informational books in business and technology. He believes that exploring hobbies is an important element to success and something that he encourages his team to pursue. Go to this page for more information.


Learn more about Frame on https://www.inc.com/alexa-von-tobel/founder-of-citizen-andrew-frame.html