Georgette Mulheir: Haiti is Struggling to Control Security Problems

Security has always been a fundamental aspect that every other country in the world today needs to have. With sufficient and stable security, every other person will concentrate on the affairs of the country. According to Georgette Mulheir, that is why most of the nations in the world today have been investing huge amounts of money in their security sector so that they can ensure maximum security is attained. However, for the security system to operate effectively there is a need for basic and advanced training, supply of the necessary equipment, and structures that guide how the entire system will be working. 


Without all the necessary factors discussed above, Georgette Mulheir points out, it is essential to indicate that the security sector might be considered a militia working towards attaining a specific political, religious, or ideological objective. Today, Haiti seems to be one of the nations in the entire world that has much-disorganized security systems (Muckrack). 


There is very little investment that has been made in recent times to ensure that the security sector is operating as needed. For global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir, in fact, the current information in the security sector clearly shows that the security department in the country is used to taking care of the political aspects in the country. According to international laws, there is no political regime in the world today that is supposed to use the political system to meet the needs of the reigning regime. Global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir highlights that this is a common problem in Haiti that has forced the local population to be a target for the country’s security system.

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