Learning About The Forex Market With The Help Of The IM Academy

The IM Academy, based in New York, USA is a company that provides educational materials to both beginners and experts. IM Academy facilitates this by providing online interactive content. This content consists of both recorded videos and content that is app-based. IM Academy’s online content is divided into four academies. That is FRX, HFX, ECX and DCX.

The FRX Academy

This academy is mostly for new students who are learning the basics of the trade. It consists of 76 videos that deal with various lessons starting from basic questions such as “what is forex?” to sort of advance sessions like “introduction to harmonics”. These lessons provide new students with a base to understand the forex market before dividing to in-depth topics.

The HFX Academy

The HFX academy has a different set of courses that focuses on helping students understand the high frequency market. Included in the academy are courses that focus on strategies and analysis. The 95 recorded videos that constitute the HFX conclude with a test to test student’s understanding of what they have learned recently.

The DCX Academy

The IM Academy also has a DCX academy that teaches about the digital currency. Students get a versed understanding of things like the block chain. They also have courses that go in-depth discussing the volatile nature of digital currencies. The academy has over 20 recorded videos that conclude with a quiz to test student’s knowledge.

The ECX Academy

Because of the popularity of ecommerce sector, IM academy introduced the ECX academy that solely focuses on the ecommerce platforms and strategies. The ECX academy goes through the basics of ecommerce such as setting up a store to advance classes like online and payment processing.

As mentioned above, IM academy offers a variety of classes in different niches. Because of their track record and reasonable pricing, feel free to check out IM academy. Go to this page for more information.


Learn more about IM Academy on https://vivaelnetworking.com/empresas/im-academy/