The Late Prince Philip Was Naughty, Ambitious, But Never Nasty

A report from Gordonstoun School, detailing some of the unique characters of the late Duke of Edinburg has shocked the world.

The report was supposed to be released for the first time to the public when the prince would hit 100 years.

However, it was released during his funeral and read by the Gordonstoun School headteacher.

Whether the report would be released during the prince’s 100th birthday or any other time, the details of the report card had served their intended purpose several years ago.

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According to the current headteacher, the then headteacher received a letter from Buckingham Palace a few months prior to 1947.

The essence of the letter was to request the school administration to prepare a full report detailing the behavior of the then young Prince Philip ahead of courtship and wedding to the queen.

After the palace received the report, the young woman was impressed about what she read about Philip thus in due time, the two got married.

According to Gordonstoun School, the young boy was normal just like most boys in the school.

However, the young Philip had a unique character that differentiated him from the other boys.

In the report, the headteacher observed that the young boy was naughty.

He was overly ambitious and at times questioned everything.

He was quiet most of the time and could spend much time alone.

Notes on the report card covered all the years Philip stayed in Gordonstoun School (1934-1939).

Upon his completion of the basic studies at Gordonstoun School, the young Philip moved to Dartmouth, where he studied how to sail at the Royal Naval College.

Hitherto, Gordonstoun School has been home to three generations of the royal family.

Currently, the school has a pupil population of about 530 most of whom are aged between four and eighteen.