The Rise of Joseph Ashford, The UK Marketing  Guru

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a globally renowned successful entrepreneur, marketing guru, and founder of K4 Global. K4 Global is a consulting firm headquartered in London and established in 2014. The company consults for both individuals and companies from around the world. Joseph Ashford has had a successful career in different parts of the world, having risen the corporate ladder to serve as CEO for various companies. For over 20 years, he has been identifying and nurturing businesses in the UK, mainly focusing on the service sector. Over these years of career progression, enabling businesses and investments, Joseph has acquired enormous wealth, which he has actively re-invested in numerous assets of different types.

Joseph Ashford Ellis has meticulous attention to detail, making him successful in strategic marketing, event management, and PR guru. His expertise in these fields has seen him head these departments at his London based K4 Global to extend the company ethos. His talent scouting ability has seen nurture and his company with the highly skilled and professional employee which has helped him and his company set apart from other consulting companies.


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Joseph Ashford Ellis is known for his result-oriented approach by his clients. His commercial ethos is focused on clients and maintaining business integrity. He always seeks to deliver above the client’s expectations, a philosophy that has consistently delivered bespoke strategies and solutions for his clients. In all his companies, he treats his employees as team members, focusing on providing a conducive work environment that allows the teams to deliver exceptional services to the clients.

Despite his extensive wealth, Joseph Ashford Ellis remains a down-to-earth person focusing on giving back to the community. He actively finances startup ventures as a way of helping breed and develops future investors. He also provides scalable solutions to several small and medium enterprises as he seeks to spur their growth. Together with K4 Global, Ashford supports several courses aimed at giving back to society through different charities.

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