Eric Lefkofsky CEO of Tempus Launches IC Home Collection Test for COVID-19

Tempus, a company founded by Eric Lefkofsky, released the Tempus IC home nasal swab collection test for Covid-19 in March of 2021. This follows the release of the original Covid test at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 that has been used to test over 2 million people. With this new IC home nasal swab collection test, doctors can order and have the test delivered to eligible patients. 


These kits, Eric Lefkofsky explains, will be shipped to their home for the unsupervised collection and then be sent back using the free overnight shipping provided by Tempus to its certified lab for testing. Patients can receive their results within 24 to 48 hours of the lab receiving the package (Crainsdetroit). 

Along with the new testing abilities Tempus has also announced the launch of RUO (Research use only), high tho=roughpt next-generation sequencing. This, Eric Lefkofsky keeps on, will help detect mutations and their spread pattern. Making the understanding of the Novel strains easier for our future. According to Eric Lefkofsky, this innovation will allow doctors to broaden the scope of the patients they are able to reach, making testing for Covid-19 more accessible. The data that can be collected from this prior unreachable audience will help in sequencing which will broaden the understanding of the viral mutations and how they spread.