The Rise of Joseph Ashford, The UK Marketing  Guru

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a globally renowned successful entrepreneur, marketing guru, and founder of K4 Global. K4 Global is a consulting firm headquartered in London and established in 2014. The company consults for both individuals and companies from around the world. Joseph Ashford has had a successful career in different parts of the world, having […]

Jason Hope Discusses How IoT Could Be Used to Save Wildlife and Rain-forests

Climate change is becoming a significant issue that continues to be discussed in many places around the world. Recently, some events in amazon and Australia have shown a need for more surveillance in areas that humans do not populate. Climate change is becoming a concern because places that are untouchable by human beings are now […]

David Azzato Encourages Businesses across the UK to Remain Optimistic Even In the Trying Moments

David Azzato has been at the forefront to talk about issues affecting entrepreneurs. The recent being the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, he emerges to advise them to remain focused and productive as economic growth depends on them. He encourages small businesses to accept the challenge and continue working hard to provide food, services, […]