PosiGen Solar Company Overview

Almost every household today depends on the energy in doing their various operations. This reason makes energy a vital aspect of our lives. However, getting affordable and sufficient energy provision can be challenging. Numerous companies 

offer the service but they differ in their delivery. PosiGen Solar is one of the companies delivering solar energy. Their solar power services are affordable as they focus on the low communities. Their work started after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that affected the New Orleans area. People of New Orleans had to start their lives again from level one. Their goal now was to make efficient, affordable, and better homes. 


However, not all of them could afford new homes of their desire because of the programs that were in place. All of the sixteen available programs were to the advantage of the wealthy population. The poor class had nothing to benefit from the home upgrades. Founders of PosiGen saw that gap and the decision of creating their company came into the picture. They aim to provide solar power to every resident. They make solar power easy to access and affordable, especially to the communities of color and low-moderate income population. 


At PosiGen solar power company, they make that possible through their solar leasing scheme. The company sells its solar power using a different approach to other providers. They base their solar sales on savings. A customer must save money through going solar to be eligible to get the solar power installation (Ctgreenbank). 


The main reason for their selling strategy is because their interest is the client, not the wallet. To their surprise, the strategy worked and the residents were happy to save on solar. The company grew and developed quickly and they serve thousands of customers in a year. With its headquarters in New Orleans, Los Angeles, the solar firm has several other branches in the country. The PosiGen solar power company is currently the leader in solar provision and education. It offers education services on energy preservation and how to save utility bills. Air leaks are a major problem in energy usage and they make utility bills rise. That’s the reason the solar company puts much effort into educating people about air leaks.