Antigua and Barbuda’s Bright future under Asot Michael’s Leadership

Asot Michael is a 3rd generation member of the parliament of Antigua and Barbuda after he was elected from the Saint Peter constituency. He has directed several projects that will help communities to thrive in the coming years. Asot Michael’s most recent project is to improve two Antigua-area primary schools. Parham primary and Pares primary schools will receive both internal and external improvements from the local government. Students of these schools will receive personal items so they can learn and maintain healthy living. 


Improvement of Schools

Asot Michael’s actions have so far proved his good intentions for students learning in the two primary schools. Since the reconstructions will disrupt learning, he has set plans to fill the gap. He announced that each student will receive “Back to School” packages. Asot Michael explained that these packages will contain the most needed supplies by students in both Parham and Pares primary schools. 


What Comes Next

According to Michael, these are just a few of the many projects in his plans to help the communities thrive. The parliamentary member wants to foster a good relationship between the residents and the local government. Also, he wants to attract new people to these areas, a move that will create demand for more public infrastructure and commercial development (Facebook). 


Michael believes that more shops and services shall increase the flow of income within these communities. As a former Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment, and Energy, Asot Michael knows the importance of addressing community needs. He believes that attracting more visitors will strengthen the region’s economy for a long time. As such, he directs projects that seek to satisfy one or both of these goals. Since he became a member of parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, Asot Michael has made unprecedented changes to assist the vulnerable population such as the disabled, homeless, and the elderly.