Hauser Private Equity: Cincinnati’s Top-Ranking Firm

When talking of Cincinnati, we shall always regard it to one of its top-ranking companies, Hauser Private Equity. Under the management of Mark Hauser, the firm, who is also its managing director, the firm has managed to rise to economic and financial prosperity. The success of this firm will be attributed to the firm’s quality leadership skills and supportive investors. The firm, through the support of Cincinnati investment firms, has managed to attain its target goals. The received funds given to the firm is $115 million, expected to be raised plus interest of $35 million by the end of September.

Mark Hauser, the founder of Hauser Private Equity, established the company a decade ago and located it in the penthouse. The firm’s leaders and workers have always strived hard to meet their goals helping the firm thrive. Unity is another factor that has contributed to the firm’s success and competitiveness. Starting from grass, the company has grown to a global company in a short span. This is clearly demonstrated by how the company has grown in terms of profit margin. For instance, in 2010, the profit earned was $44 million and $100 million in 2014, a significant improvement. Refer to this article to learn more

The good rapport between the firm, its customers, and investors have made it win more investors. Also, other investment firms have invested in the company, which has helped maximize its operations and profit. This has also streamlined the firm’s operations. Hauser, the firm’s managing director, adds that its spectacular performance and good results have contributed to its winning of more investors.

Hauser is also a good planner, which has been very instrumental in the firm’s success. He talks of learning how to plan. As a director, you have to develop ideas, but you need a team of well-informed experts for these ideas to be brought to life.