Why Michael Zomber is a Man of Many Talents

It is not every day that you find a man who has specialty in different areas. Michael Zomber is among individuals who have successfully managed to balance different hobbies. Zomber is an award winning author, historian, antique arms collector, film director, philanthropist, and peace activist. What perplexes many is how he has managed to be successful in all these activities.

Zomber’s Literary Works

Michael has distinguished himself as and captivating author, who is capable of penning books that focus on the themes of love, warfare, family relationships and religion. His books have been issued by top publishing houses, which explains why most of them are bestsellers. Zomber’s most prominent publication is Park Avenue. Other notable books that he has written include Jesus and the Samurai, A Son of Kentucky, and Sweet Betsy, That’s Me.

Arms Collection

He mainly samples ancient North American, Japanese and Islamic weapons. However, he has specialized in the collection of samurai swords, which are an ancient Japanese weapon. Mr. Zomber buys the swords from auctions in different cities before mending those that have damages. Depending on the rarity of the swords, he either sells them, or stores them in his ever-growing home museum.

Renascent Films

From a young age, Michael had a passion for film. When he started Renascent films in 1998 with his wife, he wanted to use the company as a platform for transforming his concepts into film. Besides this, it has a mentorship program, which benefits future film producers and directors. It does this by providing them with logistical and financial support while mentoring them. Soul of Samurai and Deep Sea Diving are some of the most renowned films that the production house has shot and distributed.

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