Why Brad Reifler is a Legendary Figure in the Financial Services Industry


Brad Reifler has led Forefront Capital into being a leading player in the money markets. Owing to the shrewd leadership that he has provided over the years, Forefront Capital has registered a remarkable growth in client numbers and revenue margins. Recently, the firm launched an ambitious initiative known as the Forefront Income Trust, which is likely to catapult it to greater heights. This investment program will mainly cater for the needs of non-accredited investors.


Brad Reifler admits on Twitter that before launching the program, his sole focus was accredited investors. However, shifting to non-accredited investors will give his company the opportunity to serve a wider range of clients. Brad Reifler has also been slowly shifting his attention to the middle-segment markets. He has already designed an investment plan that suits the needs of middle-class investors. With such insightful leadership, Forefront Capital is expected to continue registering an impressive growth margin.


About Brad Reifler


Reifler is a prominent American entrepreneur. He has played an important role in the success of over ten ventures. The Bowdoin College alumnus has been working in the financial services industry for over thirty years. In 1982, he founded his first firm, Reifler Trading Corporation. This company created a niche for itself by specializing in global derivatives. Consequently, it was acquired by Refco.


Brad Refler is also the founder of Pali Capital. While serving as its CEO, he helped Pali to register profits of up to 200 million dollars annually. He similarly helped establish it in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Latin America, and Australia. At the moment, Brad also works at Forefront Advisory, a subsidiary of Forefront Capital. Besides this, he serves as a director at Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Sino Mercury Company. Reifler frequently makes appearances on media outlets such as Reuters and Yahoo Finance. He uses such platforms to give sound investment advice.

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