Who is the Next Israeili Social Meme Competition Winner?

Have you designed a pro-Isrrael meme? You could have entered it into a pro-israel media meme competition that is done by the The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF).

The participants of 2017’s second competion came from all around the world. Some of these participants came from America, Israel, Germany, South Africa, Romania, Denmark and Kenya. The lucky first prize winner was Justin Feldman. He did a meme that depicted the hypocrisy of Palestinian-American BDS activist named Linda Sarsour.

The second-prize winner was Eric Fihman and he was inspired by the latest blockbuster films from Hollywood. His meme shows Gail Gadot’s Wonder Women photoshopped alongside the non-superpowered wonder women of the IDF (The Israeli Army) and writing that illustrates Jerusalem as a wonder of Israel.

Adam Milstein, the Israeli-American philanthropist, believed that they received a diverse range of rare and imaginative names, which were entertaining, funny and often moving.

Adam Milstein was really impressed by the quality as well as the quantity that the competition received. He says if you want to see the memes that were entered in the competition, you can see them on social media channels of the organizations that partner with his foundation as well as all of the pro-israel community. Adam Milstein loves the fact that projects like this social meme can encourage theite imaginations of people and bring all Israel advocates around the world together.

The judges of this competition were pro-israel student activists. Eighteen contestants were selected by these people and a total of 2,000 US dollars were awarded as prize money. The MFF was founded by Gila Milstein and her husband Adam Milstein in 2000. The purpose of this organization to educate students and young professionals about their Jewish roots, to communicate with the State of Israel, to show more Jewish pride and to give them facts about the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

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