White Shark Media: Improving Through Continuous Feedback

Most companies in the 21st century have an urgent need to integrate communication on both ends. The customer can give feedback, and the company can learn from the feedback and improve a client their service delivery.

White Shark Media recently implemented a raft of measures in a bid to improve service. Being a marketing company, customer needs, and overall satisfaction is paramount. Below are Some of this improvement measures at White Shark Media Complaints team.

Performance reporting

The company set out a direct contact method to allow improved reporting of the performance of the Ad campaign.

The overall result is that customers can ask questions to professionals regarding professional and technical services.

Understanding the reports and analytics

Customers wanted to see all metrics, to allow this, apart from sending status reports and metrics to the clients, scheduled monthly call, and a set GoToMeeting was introduced. SEM consultants are responsible for making the status calls to clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

Professionals take customers through the reports. Customers can understand some of the technical report terms and request inferences. It is more of a consultative meeting where the customer can share his expectations, compliments, and even complaints.

Old and new campaigns

Integrating old campaign with the new campaign is not straightforward, and most customers felt that the new campaign did not do as well as the old one. To harmonize the success and the integration of new campaigns with the old, the company opted to keep growing old campaigns and model all new campaigns under the same AdWords account. They no longer open new accounts under the company account unless the client makes such a request.

The customer can now follow both campaigns, compare them, and if need be, suggest improvement.

Expertise and professionalism

Customers felt that some of the White Shark Media contact persons lacked the professional understanding of the clients’ needs. To overcome this challenge, they implemented a program where all senior SEM consultants were assigned customers to enhance follow-up.

Tracking AdWords

The customer wants to track all AdWords, but it is chaotic when you are not sure how to go about it. White Shark Media implemented an internal analytics program that is free to all customers. In this program, calls conversion, tracking, and other analytics are available for the client with extra charge.

On overall, improvement of client-centered service and White Shark Media is a product of continuous learning experience through compliments and complaints.

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