Understanding What Makes A Good Surgeon And Mom Like Jennifer Walden

A single mother takes on the business of raising twin boys and holding down a challenging career. She gets up early every morning to make sure the boys have a good breakfast, brush their teeth and plans out the daily schedule. She leaves the boys with the nanny and heads off to her busy office to handle the surgical schedules for the day. Jennifer Walden loves her career. She has wanted to be a surgeon since she was about 13 years of age. Her parents are both in the medical profession so she has high standards to follow. Jennifer’s father is a dentist. He expected his daughter to do good in school and follow her strict plans for her future. Her mother is a surgical nurse that took the time to let her daughter experience life so that she made the decision to become a surgeon. Jennifer believes her parents had a lot to do with the success and choices she made. This is why she takes the time to be a good role model for her sons.

After working eight years in New York, Jennifer makes the decision to return to Austin Texas as a cosmetic surgeon. She and her new career are doing well. She is winning all types of awards. She appears in many different magazines and newspaper articles. She also appears on ABC and talks shows speaking about her career. Jennifer explains to others about noninvasive procedures such as Botox and Laser surgeries. Botox helps women and men to feel younger. The injections do wonders when they fill in the lines and creases of an aging face.

Jennifer Walden is very good at her chosen career. She takes the time to sit down with her patients and listen to their reasons for choosing surgery. She walks each patient through the surgeries and recoveries. Check out the recent article about Jennifer in the Daily mail MD monthly. You will understand what makes Jennifer who she is and Why she believes the way she believes.


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  1. She helps them to understand what they can expect before and after surgery. Jennifer has a wonderful bedside manner. She is the kind of surgeon that takes the time to explain myths so that people understand them. This is a nice thing that http://superiorpapers.org would have perceived a lot for them all.

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