Todd Lubar Is Passionate About Helping People To Realize Their Dreams

While speaking to Inspirery, Todd contended that he is always passionate about providing people with innovative products and services that enables them to realize their dreams. It is for this reason that he established his corporation, TDL Ventures. Under his transformative leadership, he has been able to assist many clients to access loans. Most of these underserved clients would not access such services given that traditional lenders bombarded them with many requirements.

Todd posits that he remains competitive by being well-organized. In addition, he loves being in charge of every aspect of his business. The executive says that by keeping his finger on the pulse of the company’s operations, he is able to make informed decisions. When asked about his worst job, Lubar recalled that while he was in high school, he decided to undertake a job at a grocery store. He contends that he learnt a great deal about the significance of working hard and the value of money. After working for the store for a year, he knew that he was not cut out for the grocery store business. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.


If he would start again, he would zero in on ensuring that he brings productive friends to his sphere of influence. In addition, he would seek to inculcate a culture of trust in his company. Todd posits that the people that surround an individual may cause one to fail or be successful. To this end, he urges people to choose people who challenge them positively and seek to promote their growth.


According to Hackronym, Todd credits his success to his willingness to implement his ideas in addition to his vast experience in various industries. He has been able to use his extensive industry knowledge to develop innovative consumer-oriented products and programs.


About Todd Lubar


While Todd Lubar was an employee of Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he established lasting relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents, financial planners and real estate agents. These professionals have played a pivotal role in enhancing Todd’s business by referring their friends.


By virtue of being in the financial industry, Todd understood that for people to grow their businesses and realize their dreams, they must access loans. To this end, Lubar founded Charter Funding. This entity enabled him to expand his lending capability given that it is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Company.


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