The Luggage and Backpack Combo for Urban Adventurers


You’re not headed for Outer Mongolia. Just a zigzag trip across the country by air and car. The right backpack and luggage can make or break your trip. They will be your constant companions. Choose wisely.


Your luggage brands have to be roomy as a cruise liner, tough as nails and nimble as a cat. Most luggage is made from ballistic nylon with an assigned number. The number stands for how dense the weaving is.


Briggs and Riley products use very dense ballistic nylon fabric up to 2520D. This makes their bags water repellent, highly resistant to scrapes and rips and durable for years to come. Most Briggs and Riley bags are designed for optional expansion. Best of all, the company provides a lifetime repair guarantee.


The ideal backpack must be light, easy to organize and sturdy. It has to fit in the office or on the hiking trail.


Patagonia is best known for well-designed outdoorsy, sporty gear and apparel, and they are universally considered to be one of the best backpack companies. Patagonia backpacks are made of dense polyester weave for lightness and durable water protection. With carefully thought out pockets, zippers and compartments, it can handle laptops as well as adventure gear. Patagonia bags are standouts in ergonomics. Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. A waist or sternum strap distributes weight evenly.  They are also known as pretty good briefcase brands too.


You don’t have to survive dead drops, abrasive companions or freezing temperatures but your luggage and backpack do. Go with quality, value and flexibility with Briggs and Riley luggage paired with a Patagonia backpack. You won’t be let down.

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