The lending solutions Offered by Equities First Holdings

The Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a leading firm in the lending of loans and financing solutions to businesses that want to raise capital in the shortest time possible. Additionally, it offers loans to people who don’t qualify for credit-based loans. EFH has grown over time because of the lending alternatives it offers to borrowers.Equity First Holdings has since its inception in 2002 undertaken more than 650 transactions.The operations are based on capital given against shares that are traded on public exchanges all over the world. The rates are low, and these transactions have amounted to the tune of US $1.4 billion. Equity First Holdings runs offices in over nine countries.

London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia are examples of the branches running as wholly owned subsidiaries of the Equity First Holdings across the world.Equities First Holdings has specialized in providing loans and lending solutions for all the high-net-worth businesses and individuals seeking the capital for the expansion and growth of their businesses. It also evaluates the risks and the future performances of its clients with a close consideration of the market in stocks, treasuries, and the bonds before lending out loans. The very first beneficiaries of the EFH are the borrowers with the need to access quick loans and capital to raise or boost their businesses.

The other category of likely recipients is the high net-worth individuals.Businesses too can benefit from the stock loans offered by Equities First. They use collateral for a given period, mostly more than two years. Those with stock in a company can transfer the same to Equities First Holdings if they believe the same stock will have appreciated within the next two or three years. EFH also benefits business people who would like to expand their businesses and those who would like to offset their business debts.Read full article : Here.


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