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Lori Senecal is the current Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She joined the company in the year 2015 and since she became the head of the company, its revenue has been boosted by over 20%. She is a well-known figure in the digital and creative marketing industries known especially for her good leadership skills. Working as an innovator, Lori Senecal developed the TAG ideation that was a special marketing unit for the youthful generation. Due to her success, Lori Senecal being the very successful lady had her efforts leading to her promotions and later became the President of McCann in New York.


In a report by GCReport, while working for McCann, Mrs. Senecal led the company to success by developing brilliant methods and strategies for the company personnel. The McCann under the leadership of Ms. Senecal, the company was put in the public domain on the list of agencies to watch. In addition to that, the company was recognized as the best company for anyone to work for in New York. Lori Senecal is now a mentor to other women and encourages them to never give up and always look to build from their own self. Check out Ideamensch to know more.


Some of the works of Lori Senecal in the field of Marketing and Advertisements

Lori Senecal is a woman who was mostly believed in herself. She believed that creativity is not a talent but it is mostly based on one’s behavior. Some of her campaigns include the following


  • Letgo– this is an app that had CP+B Company create a tool which allowed its clients to make slick TV-style spots for sold items by the firm. This made the app get over 40 million downloads.


  • Kraft Mac and Cheese– this company removed some artificial ingredients and the CP+B advised them to not advertise it. They later sold over 50 million boxes.


  • NBA 2K– In the year 2016, 2K released a snippet of the basketball game. CP+B took it beyond the screens using Fitbit account which they asked players to link with their NBA 2K profiles. This helped them improve their character’s abilities which were based on the real-world steps they take.


Some of the advice Lori Senecal gives digital Marketers is that they should

  • They should target the heart of their audience
  • They should use real people in the marketing as it creates a connection.
  • They should use strong colors

By following this, then digital marketing will be successful to anyone seeking to do it.

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