The Advancement of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a leader in his own right who has not only created successful businesses for the future, but has also made sure that individuals all over the world in even some of the most impoverished regions are able to see the benefits of his innovation within the world of both business as well as technology. Eric Pulier believes that technological advancement is the key to economic growth and has been finding ways to close the technology gap between third world and first world countries. Eric Pulier believes that the lack of innovation for public goods and for technology has lead to a stagnate market economy with no incentive to be innovative. Eric Pulier has made it his goal to change this and to create new incentives for technological growth and to increase the demand for new technology on not only the demand side of the market, but also on the supply side.


Eric Pulier has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the fifteen successful businesses that he has become a part of. Eric Pulier believes that the revenue that he makes from the businesses should be used for reinvestment and has continued to do so in order to help others. One of the most dire problems that Eric Pulier has worked hard to attack is the problem of healthcare. Healthcare is something that Eric Pulier believes should not only be free, but should also be available as a high quality product that does not exclude the masses or those that cannot pay top dollar.


Eric Pulier has always been a generous individual and has worked hard to give to others that are in need. One of the biggest initiatives that Eric Pulier is also a part of is the initiative to help individual children that suffer from chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has not only donated funds to fund summer camps for these individual, but has also built a platform that allows for the communication of children within different hospitals so that they have someone to talk to that is also going through a similar situation.


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