Talkspace Connecting Licensed Therapists with Patients Looking for Professional Counselling

People these days are living a robotic lifestyle where they don’t have much time left for themselves after a long day at work. It doesn’t only harm their physical health, but also affects their mental health in many ways. In the long-term, a person is unable to mature emotionally or is unable to achieve relationship goals they always dreamt of successfully. The hectic and stressful lifestyle with peer and social pressure puts the person in many different types of emotional conflict, which results in depression. Also, there are situations like loss of loved one, job loss, financial loss, and more that can lead to depression or add to the already depressive emotions of the person.

Depression is a mental illness that should be taken seriously, and while most people do tend to get a consultation, many people refrain from it. It is primarily because people see others with depression with a stigma as depression is considered to be contagious. However, depression being contagious is not at all right, and it only gives a satisfying feeling to comfort someone who is depressed and in need of someone who can listen to their beliefs and issues. Depression can be treated depending upon which state or the level it is in. It is better to get it diagnosed as soon as one discovers they have slid into depression as it tends to grow.

Getting traditional therapy for depression is highly expensive, and that is why its new alternative Talkspace, a mobile application based out of New York, has become highly popular these days. Talkspace has more than a thousand certified and licensed therapists who offer professional therapy at a fraction of the cost that one would pay at a typical therapy session. Talkspace allows people to consult with the therapist and get counseling in a confidential setting anytime and from anywhere. It is a mobile application that has opened doors of opportunities for people who were depressed and reserved.


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