Stolen Screen Shot Stuns Lime Crime Makeup Founder and NYC Doll Maker


People are very proud and protective of their Instagram photos and fans and sometimes feel very personal about their work.

It sounds incredulous, but the details are true, and it all happened to Doe Deere and her talented New York City doll maker and friend Joshua David McKenney.

The Lime Crime makeup founder and CEO and her Pidgin custom made doll maker could no longer stand silent. They want the world to know that artist Richard Prince defiled them as true artists by stealing work that was never his.

The screen shot in question depicts Doe Deere in bright blue hair and Lime Crime makeup holding a mini look-a-like doll made by McKenney. His work is famous and adored by Taylor Swift, Mariah and Dita Von Teese.

It sounds crazy, but artists like Richard Prince are allowed to steal screen shots and by-pass copyright laws by writing their own text around the photos. In this case, the screen shot turned into a 48 by 65-inch print of Doe Deere and the 23-inch matching Doe Deere doll.

Prince removed the Doe Deere Instagram caption and added a comment beneath the existing Instagram comments, stating “No Cure, No Pay…” and inserted an emoji. Now, it was HIS piece of art.

Doe Deere has become a social media darling since the rise of her Lime Crime makeup company. It’s a brand that features a bright, over the rainbow color spectrum, offering customers odd shades like Cement, Squash, Blue, Yellow and Green lipsticks.

Doe Deere enjoys a 300,000-plus Instagram following, and her striking, colorful photos receive a lot of attention. Apparently, Prince really liked that screen shot, never sought permission from her or the doll maker about using it, and created a piece of “lazy” art.

Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney have been forced into the spotlight, but at no fault of their own. As both artists themselves, they believe what Richard Prince has done to them is nasty and not what artists do to other artists. She says she will not go after him and has no idea who bought the artwork for $90,000 but wants to make it clear that she never gave Prince permission to use her Instagram screen shot.

The Pidgin doll maker is upset that another artist would render his work silent by removing his name from his own masterpiece dolls. His beautiful Pidgin fashion dolls come with hand-painted faces and handmade clothes, and each doll takes three to four weeks to make.

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  1. Now, imagine someone lifting a screen shot from your Instagram account, removing the caption, inserting their own creative text and hanging it in a famous gallery, only to watch it sell as art for $90,000. This has to be famous australian writers which is something one cannot to be undone.

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