Retaining Architectural Integrity

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Developer

There is some appeal in maintaining the traditional aspects of some of the houses and improving on them instead of demolishing the whole structure to put up a new structure. Jason Halpern understands this and that is what he has been trying to do ever since he took over the family business in 2010. The real estate developer is now the Director of Parametric Dining that is situated at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has worked together with other major real estate businesses in the U.S and invested towards some of the very major projects such as developing 340 luxurious apartments from an old warehouse in 184 Kent.

Jason with his Partners

The warehouse was once the location of the Austin Nichols Company, one of the largest grocer companies in the United States. The warehouse was an ideal choice for reuse because it is near other facilities such as the markets and it gives a spectacular view of Manhattan. Most importantly, they were able to retain the architectural integrity of the building so it is still listed among the historical places in the area. This building was the winner in the adaptive reuse category of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award. Under his leadership, the company has worked on other projects such as the building of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, construction of the condominiums in Collins Avenue near South Beach and is currently working on Homewood Suites and Hilton Hampton Inn in Long Island city.

Jason Halpern with Milana and Richard

In 2014, Jason Halpern announced that the company was topping off the Aloft South Beach Hotel scheduled to open the next year. The company was working closely with the Madden Real Estate Ventures to reuse the Ankara motel and build it into an eight storey towel. It was supposed to be the most recently opened hotel in the area since 2009 and as such it requires not only meeting the people’s expectations but amaze them as well. Halpern explained that that was a very big milestone towards the opening of the hotel that would include other facilities such as a gym, meet space, a rooftop lounge and an outdoor pool.


Jason and His Family

The company plans on expanding the Aloft hotel worldwide through the creation of other Aloft hotels in other 14 countries. In all the hotels they plan to adopt a traditional landscape design that would go a long way to help preserve the architectural designs of the country. Halpern has also helped to initiate the Guest(R) program that helps to gain and reward the loyalty of their customers. The program is an incentive to the customers for continued use of the hotels. They customers get an opportunity to earn and redeem points for their stay in the rooms, flights or a room upgrades.

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