OSI Group Industries Has Significantly Expanded Its Business In Asia And Europe

From the moment OSI Group was established, it was predicted to have a massive impact on the beverage and food industry. The company specializes in providing quality sandwiches, vegetables, sauces, and sandwiches. The firm’s headquarters are at Aurora, Illinois. The company experienced massive growth from the moment its founder and CEO, Shelton Lavin, took charge. Lately, the brand has been busy expanding its operations around the world.

The company has manufacturing plants around Eastern Asia. The brand created its first manufacturing plant in Beijing, China in the year 1992.It started off by selling its products to fast food restaurants. The brand’s growth was once again evident as it formed the Orange Bay Foods in Japan in the year 2010.The firm attracted angel investors from Ehime Prefecture in Japan. By partnering with packaging and transport firms, the brand has assisted the country’s economy to grow. OSI opened OSI Weihai Poultry in the same year in China. Nowadays the company specializes in hatchery, broiler and breeder feeding, slaughtering and processing. It received a 3-star good chicken award in 2017.The firm partnered with Doyoo Group in 2012 to establish one of the biggest processing plants in China.

The company has established several branches in other Asian countries such as India. It created the Vista Processed foods in the year 1995 which proceeded to install various manufacturing firms around the country. It started a vegetable processing plant in the year 2010.OSI Group is now on course to take over Eastern Europe. The company built a branch in Poland that serves Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, and Poland. OSI invested 25 million dollars into the establishment of a chicken processing factory in Hungary. As per now, the firm serves over 16 European countries with its products.

The kind of acquisitions the brand has managed are indebted to its success. The firm penetrated the southern German market when they bought a brand called Flagship Europe. The brand now prides itself on supplying mayonnaise, dips, poultry and different sauces.

In 2016 the company continued to flex its muscles when it acquired a Dutch firm called Baho Food. Baho foods currently manage factories in Netherlands and Germany. The business is planning to expand its investment portfolio in Europe and China. This move is a growth strategy for the enterprise. In the Chinese market, OSI Industries is admired as a brand that recognizes the tastes and preferences of its customers.

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