My Favorite EOS “Recipe”

Beyond always being a little fashionably late and hair that only curls when I decide to stay in, I consistently have to stave off looking like I’ve only heard stories of water but never tried. My lips and I constantly disagree. I want them to be soft and not reminiscent of a Sahara documentary while they prefer the desert look.

Needless to say, I always carry lip balm around, sometimes several depending on my outfit for the day. Though much like my predisposition towards never catching the worm, I can never hold on to one balm for more than a few times.

That is what drew me to the large round balm I picked up a few months ago. I figured perhaps my problem could be solved by a shape change.

Initially drawn towards the potential of being able to hang onto a lip balm longer than a few applications, I grabbed a few EOS lip balms in colors I thought were nice.

I have to say, in addition to being easier to keep in my possession, the EOS balms definitely surprised me.

Check this out here.

The flavors initially stuck out as each one was not only a pretty shade but indicative of a much better flavor.

So after trying out and hanging onto several of the available flavors, I came up with my favorite “recipe” for the best combination.

My “Recipe”

Much like my cooking recipes, I prefer things to be simple so there is no need to bring out food scales or try to figure out what medium high heat actually means. My perfect combination for EOS flavors is straight forward.

Summer Sorbet

Just apply EOS Summer Fruit to your bottom lip and EOS Strawberry Sorbet to your top, and there you have it. My favorite blend of flavors, equally sweet and cool.  Click


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