Meet the Economical Specialist in Infrastructure, Felipe Montoro Jens

The current mayor of Porto Alegre (RS), Nelson Marchezan Júnior has advocated for the need of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and called for a meeting to discuss ways of accelerating development and a good life for the town of Porto Alegre. In this regard, they have outsourced Felipe Montoro Jens who has suggested that public lighting, the water park at Guaíba, sanitation, and mounting of public clocks would be a good step towards realizing this dream. The Municipal Partnership program (Propar) will prioritize areas and services that form the basis of making Porto Alegre attractive and have a conducive environment to prosper again. The PPP will ease the financial constraints that Brazil is undergoing. To regulate the process, the CGP program will be used to ensure transparency, integrity, and transparency where the public will be involved in concession projects, and in evaluating implementation programs and agreements.

Furthermore, the public will be involved in approving the procurement and tendering process. The mayor will be the president of the CGP and other functions will be distributed by the relevance of the departments. Felipe Montoro Jens who is a professional in infrastructure is the Attorney General of the municipality and has affirmed that members with personal interest will not be allowed to take part in discussions or voting.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist who focuses on reducing the high wastage of resources and capabilities in countries, which he points makes a country waste its wealth. He went to Getulio Vargas Foundation for a bachelor degree before attending Thunderbird School of Global Management where he attained his master’s degree. Felipe believes that the delivery of services in a concession and partnership will ensure there are better ways of resource use, proper structures as well as the right management practices. The involvement of the private sector means that they will complement the way the public sector works while using the vast and valuable information that government organs have to better service delivery.

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