Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Receives Major Boost from DiCaprio

Hippeas, Green Park Inc.’s first and flagship brand of organic snacks recently received a major boost and a breath of new live after actor Leonardo DiCaprio along with Strand Venture Partners made some serious donations in the company’s last round of fund raising. Even though the actual amount was not disclosed at the time, Hippeas seemed confident that it would boost them significantly and would make sure that their targeted $2.5 million that was to be raised during this round was going to be met although they indicated that part of it may have to be covered by friends and a couple of angel investors.

The company, a subsidiary of Green Park Inc. has been making waves in the fast food industry and already has a retail network that spans the entire country. It is available in all of the country’s major retail stores and outlets including Starbucks, Albertsons and Vons with introduction into Target’s stores scheduled for later in the year. Negotiations for the new investment deal were handled by Green Park whose Founder and current CEO Livio Bisterzo described it as a big boost towards the achievement of the company’s goal.

It is worth pointing out that Hippeas was only introduced last year but managed to clear more than $2.5 million in profits during its first year of operation. This is largely in part due to Livio Bisterzo’s extensive marketing experience and understanding of the American market. In his own words, Livio states that introducing Hippeas into the market was relatively easy for him once he got everything into place because, he says it was not his ‘first rodeo’.

Indeed Livio Bisterzo is not new at what he is doing and his achievements should not come as much of a surprise. He has previously been right at the center of the successful launch of two big new products in the past and made quite an impressive showing. The two brands were Kyoku, a special men’s grooming line in the US and Miracles, a company that made tea drinks. However, before launching Green Park Inc. he first sold all his interests in the other two and now dedicates all his time to his new company.

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