Lime Crime Makes Makeup For Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Stand Out

A typical drug store makeup aisle is packed with indistinguishable packaging and the same predictable shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows at every turn. The makeup industry is supposed to be about giving women the ability to express their creativity, but the majority of makeup brands seem to want you to conform to the same old beauty standards that have been in place for decades.


When Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008, she set out to break the tradition of safe, predictable makeup choices. Instead, she created a whimsical and imaginative world of color and glitter that boldly confronts conformity.


The brand has been producing makeup for almost a decade while gradually building a following of loyal fans eager to express themselves with unique colors and textures. Products like the Diamond Crushers, a lip gloss topper that gives lips an outrageously iridescent sparkle, and the Superfoils, a series of metallic eyeshadow duos so shiny that they are almost reflective, allow women to experiment with color in a way that most makeup brands don’t allow.


Lime Crime’s social media pages now have millions of followers who can’t wait to get their hands on the next big product that Doe Deere dreams up. Recently, the company released a new shade of lipstick called “Scandal” as the newest addition to its Velvetines line. Velvetines lipsticks come in liquid form and have a velvety matte finish reminiscent of rose petals. This new shade is a rich violet created for a makeup lover who isn’t afraid of turning heads.


Deere’s company has given women of all ages permission to be fearless when it comes to expressing themselves. By wearing these defiantly bright colors in metallic and glittery finishes, these women are challenging beauty standards for a new generation of makeup lovers.


Fans of the brand love the products for their high quality as well. Lime Crime’s lipsticks are famous for their kiss-proof finishes and the brand’s eyeshadows last for hours without creasing.


The best part of all is that Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free and vegan. Animal lovers can buy Lime Crime products without worrying about contributing to the unethical treatment of animals in the beauty industry, a growing problem that is finally gaining media attention.


By creating makeup in bold and bright shades and textures, Lime Crime has given makeup lovers the gift of standing out in a crowd. The brand plans to continue to create new products for those who choose to defy conformity in the beauty world.

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