Lime Crime Helps You To Shine

Anyone in the market for beautiful makeup? Lime Crime is a cruelty-free line of cosmetics that is safe to use and perfect for animal lovers. From lipstick to makeup brushes, shopping all of one’s beauty needs is easy and convenient with their online portal. Whether you’re seeking a soft spring look or shimmer and shine for a night on the town, Lime Crime is your go-to store.


From classy chic to fun and flirty, this company has it all. Be the new girl on the block or the talk of the town; either way, this vegan line has you covered. New makeup users may wish to start with more subtle colors. A recommendation would be their Girls, Girls, Girls bundle for beige to nude lips that are kissable and inviting. Pairing the Lulu – peachy beige with the Divine eyeshadow from one of their Venus Palettes makes for a great look. For a beat face, the Fetish – Deep Plum lipstick will do the trick. Pop on some Boot and Muse eyeshadow, and you’ll have a smokey eye that will last all night.


A rainbow of semi-permanent hair colors is readily available with their Unicorn Hair line. Choose the colors that fit your personality and style. Gargoyle is your basic black. It’s great if you’d like to cover stubborn greys or go goth for a while. Bunny is a bright pink hue, perfect for fun and flair. Add some streaks of burgundy Chocolate Cherry or of purple Pony, and your look is your own.


With its unique colors and versatile products, Lime Crime is a line for everyone, offering high-end beauty products for every style. Whether you’re a rookie or a long – time makeup user aiming to switch up your look, their website offers inspiring ideas that will mesh well with any occasion.


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