Kyle Bass: Master Manipulation Artist

Underhanded tactics can be easier than the truth, but getting caught always results in consequences. The true confidence tricksters are the ones who can get through with their charade and be gone for years before anyone is the wiser. Kyle Bass may very well be this variety of individual, a close look at his financial career indicates why.  Useful Stooges provided one such close look on their website:

In 2008, America was issuing sub-prime loans which, through novation on the part of banks, became equated with actual cash; the net result being a house of cards built on sand. Bass was employed with Bear-Stearns, one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street at the time. Shortly after his employment with this group dissolved, he gave a journalist inside information which led to a probing question on Monday morning’s financial segment of the news. This question so dropped financier confidence that by the end of the week, Bear-Stearns had to be bought out by J.P. Morgan-Chase. Later that year, the Great Recession hit. .

Bass also runs CAD, which is a pseudo-humanitarian group undercutting pharmaceuticals ostensibly for the sick, realistically for the subsequent stock drop Bass again short-sells on. Lastly, he’s regularly involved himself with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist despot presiding over Argentina who has such a horrible way with money she’s managed to doubly default the country in only thirteen years. Bass’ close ties to her, and lack of criticism, indicate socialist economic policies on his part, which are likewise historically known for being underhanded and manipulative.

Recently, as of October, 2015, Bass started making noises about a Chinese market implosion based on an expanding debt bubble similar to America’s own pre-2008. He’s said the collapse will hit in 2016 with a chance of forty to fifty percent. He’s also said with certainty that said collapse will hit in the next two to three years. Then, in a recent Bloomberg article, it was reported that Bass said should “material” devaluation of China’s currency take place, it’ll be historically one of the most exciting times to invest in Asia. That’s in direct conflict with his earlier prediction of implosion within the next two or three years, and so smacks of a scheme hatched to manipulate under-experienced fringe investors into withholding substantial investiture in China, and thus predicate a self-fulfillment of his own prophecy.

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  1. Bass short-sold his sub-prime loan holdings and made a respectable amount, also earning instant celebrity and a somewhat permanent media platform That’s manipulation at a rather high level. It humbles me that the best eassy did a permanent essay on them for 6 months.

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