Greg Secker, an International Speaker and a Forex Guru

Greg Secker is a professional international speaker, philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. He is the owner of several companies that have offices across all parts of the globe. They include SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade and also Capital Index. Greg Secker as a great philanthropist happens to be the founder of a non-governmental organization called The Greg Secker Foundation. The aim of the company is to change the livelihoods of people across the globe. Greg Secker is a noteworthy multimillionaire is his twenties. He has been the future of every successful trader across Europe and happens to be the founder of the most successful trading companies that have set ablaze a trading path for every potential trader in the continent. He has helped and has worked with people towards financial freedom. He is also the owner and founder of Europe’s most trading coaching companies and he is always on the frontline helping people to trade forex and also become entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker is also a good scholar and happened to attend one of the most prestigious University across the globe. The went to Nottingham University to study bachelors of science in Food Science and Agriculture. While at the University, he happened to sell computers. He used to sell them in order for him to earn a daily living. Greg in the process developed a passion for the computers and started learning how to do coding. He worked passionately and later became a known computer geek. Later someone from Thomas Cook noted his capabilities in coding and they invited him for an interview. He was hired and was given a chance to develop for them a trading platform for foreign currencies. He was able to develop for them a great trading platform.

Greg Secker, due to his innovation during the creation of a trading platform at Thomas Cook, he was awarded and has subsequently received so many global awards. He was later employed as a vice president at Mellon Financial services. He did not take long and decided to start trading independently. He started trading from his living room for quite some time. He made millions of profits and later decided to start attending seminars. He was mentored by great forex giants and started speaking in public.

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