Getting A BlackBelt In Education From ClassDojo

A classroom in today’s education can be one of the most unique places to be found. The idea of a cookie-cutter classroom has begun to vanish, and ClassDojo has stepped in to help each classroom discover the right format for what it needs.

Think of ClassDojo as an educational social media that connects the students, teachers, and parents to share various experiences throughout the school day. Through the app, the classroom team can share photos, videos, and messages of everything going on in the classroom. The app has specific sections/programs for each individual form of media including Classroom, Stories, Messages, and Original Content: Big Ideas.

The Classroom is where the teachers and students can connect with each other to determine what skills they want to work on, like creativity and teamwork, and gauge progress as they share feedback with one another.

The Stories are a constantly updated stream of photos and videos of that an individual student can share from their school day to their parents. There is also a classroom Story that the teacher can share with the families of their students.

Messages are where students, teachers, and parents can contact each other without needing to exchange phone numbers. There are 35 different languages that the Messages program can translate, so everyone can be connected. Teachers can even set “quiet hours” so parents can know when the students are unavailable.

Original Content: Big Ideas is where teachers and parents can access different content that is designed to teach their students crucial concepts and skills.

ClassDojo has changed the game of the modern classroom, with a focus on the constant connection between students and their mentors in life. This new and social view of the classroom goes hand in hand with the changing times and will advance the way every child learns.

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