EOS Lip Balm Reviews Turn To Changes Made To The Lip Balm Brand

Have you been under the impression that all lip balms are made to be the same? Did you think that the lip balms on the market were all similar to one another and provided the same purpose of therapy for lip balm users? If so, you haven’t picked up a sphere of EOS lip balm.

Before EOS came on the market, users were forced to purchase lip balm that tasted horrible and had to be reapplied over and over again. Since then, lip balm wearers are able to apply the moisturizing agent only a few times per day. Not only is the lip balm needing to be applied less often, the taste of the lip balm is delicious.

EOS had found a way to make lip balm taste better and to add more moisture to your lips upon applying. The new collections introduced by EOS is the crystal clear line of lip balm, see usmagazine.com to find out more. The formula used to create the lip balm has removed certain ingredients while others have maintained the ingredient and only recently added new scents to the line.

If you have been lucky enough to try the new line of lip balm, you know that the recipe did not only change for the better, the shape changed as well. The new shape is close to resembling a gem. The new appearance with the formula combined has made sales increase drastically for the brand, a must-read article here. The brand which was already the number 2 reseller of lip balm was already a big seller but now, the changes have many shoppers heading into the stores to find the new line of lip balm.

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Before the crystal clear collection was introduced, many users would purchase the lip balms to use as a way to increase the moisture in their lips simply because they tasted better. Now users are buying it for the fact that it removes the sticky feeling that most other brands have while making it a healthier option.

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