EOS Launches Crystal Lip Balm and the Reviews are Outstanding

EOS just made a huge announcement! For the first time ever the company has launched a lip balm that is completely clear and free of beeswax. This means that vegans can now use EOS products, see this. Vegans typically do not use products containing beeswax and that ingredient has been the one thing that holds back a group that would typically love the organic and cruelty-free EOS products.

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The first is a decadent flavor named Hibiscus Peach. This comes in a soft cream orb and mixes the bright notes of peach with the calming flavor of Hibiscus. The second is Vanilla Orchid. The Vanilla Orchid comes in a soft purple-pink orb and mixes the rich flavor of vanilla with a creamy scent of Orchid for a lip balm that feels more like a sweet treat. Each of the Crystals also provide for a deeper level of nourishment. EOS has added seven natural oils to the Crystals. These oils are all natural and help give the clear Crystal product its supple shimmer. Among the oils are Vitamin E, Aloe and Coconut Oil.

EOS launched in a time when lip balm was more of a necessary evil than a beauty product, refer also to imabeautygeek.com. The shelves of lip balm aisles contained only small tubes that tasted more medicinal and flavorful. EOS rolled out their original line of fun orbs packed with flavor to a delighted crowd of celebrities and beauty bloggers. Soon, EOS started showing up everywhere. From the purses of fashion icons to music videos, EOS became a craze. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were spotted pulling the orbs out of their purse.

EOS topped the lists of beauty bloggers’ must-have items. The fusion of a lip balm with bright colors and personality revolutionized the lip balm industry. The little orbs flew off the shelves faster than EOS could stock them.

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