The Wonderful World of Wengie

Wengie’s apartment is like a magical realm where she creates her videos, lives her life and cares for her potted plants. Here is a Wengie recap of her apartment tour YouTube video in 2014.

She starts off in her living room where she has a great, vintage trunk as a coffee table. Her decor matches the themes and color schemes of her furniture in a way that satisfies the mind with its beauty.
She shows off her brightly colored decorations and fun lighting before moving on to her colorful couch cushions and curtains. She describes the room as, “Super happy and fun.” It’s a great description for the colorful room.
The other side holds a large TV with shelving storage all around it with decorative boxes and baskets to hold anything she may have the interest in putting there.

She moves on to her dressing table and makeup area where she stores all the supplies and products she uses in her many, great videos. She shows her button designed cushion on her stool and her ‘Do It Yourself’ paint job on her drawer handles. Her cubicle looking wall hangings store flowers or other trinkets for self storage. Her makeup storage will make any girl drool with it’s organized layout and colorful brushes and tools.

Her hallway is donned with shelves with figurines and decorations on them to make a bland space look beautiful.

Her bedroom holds a great wardrobe for hanging and folded storage of clothing as well as having great wall hangings and decorations.

All in all, Wengie’s renovation was a great experience for her and she adores it. To watch the whole video and to hear her say it in her own words.


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