Examples Of Ageism And Sawyer Howitt’s Advice To Counter It

Many people think young people are incapable. For instance, a baby boomer can be told that anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right skill sets and he will laugh in the face of the person that says it. While it is easy to get offended and tell someone off who refuses to respect someone because of his age, the better thing for the individual to do is prove his worth by working hard and showing that he is someone that can be taken seriously. After all, there are a lot of attitudes and assumptions about young people that may hold people back.

Sawyer Howitt himself is aware of the ageism that is in the workforce among other areas in society. He is passionate about fighting this attitude. However, he also gets to know all of the aspects of the attitudes so that he can let people know what to expect. For instance, younger people are expected to not have a good work ethic. Sawyer Howitt as a successful entrepreneur knows that it is important to be very diligent in order to make any type of progress towards goals. Sawyer has worked hard and passionately to achieve his goals.

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Sawyer Howitt has also let people know how important it is to be honest. This is especially important in the workplace when dealing with customers. The worst thing one can do is pretend that he knows something that he doesn’t. One thing that can be done is showing the ability to use resources to get the job done in any area regardless of familiarity. For one thing, young people these days are very adaptable. This can be used to a good advantage. Sawyer has a lot of advice to give people who are planning to navigate the business world at a young age.

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