Wengie Holiday Boredom Killers Recap


Wengie shares 10 ways to kill your boredom during the holiday season including pranks and DIY projects. Her first idea is to recreate famous celebrity facebook photos like the one of Kendall Jenner with her hair in heart shapes. Second, she suggest finding a fun new game to play on your phone. Next, Wengie suggests pulling a balloon prank. Blow up the balloon to a medium size, then dip a skewer in baby shampoo and pierce the balloon’s nipple; it should not break!


Wengie’s next idea is to pretend you are a cat and try to sit in all your Christmas present boxes. Next, she suggests playing in the snow like making a snow angel, having a snowball fight, or building a snowman. Her next idea is to try a new recipe like a chocolate bowl. Melt down white chocolate, dip a balloon in it, then dip it in sprinkles. Let it harden and serve ice cream in the bowl!


Another idea is to learn how to play a new instrument. To play ukelele like a pro, learn the four chords C major, G major, A minor, and F major to play lots of songs. Next, Wengie suggest making a DIY like a pine cone Christmas tree. Paint a small flower pot silver, then paint the pine cone green and gold. Put some tissue paper in the bottom of the pot, place the cone inside, fill with white pebbles, and glue a paper star to the top of the cone. Wengie’s next idea is to prank your pets by putting on a show with them, playing tag, or dressing them up. The final suggestion Wengie gives is to challenge your friends to a matchstick balancing puzzle.

Electrolux Laundry Equipment Helping Austin Laundromats Go Green

In recent years, several Austin, Texas companies have embraced strategies that allow them to save fuel, water and energy. Additionally, more companies and industries are being pushed to go green. The laundromats in the region are not an exception in this case. With regards to using green solutions on the day-today business activities, Laundry Works laundromat has been on the front line. The concept of going green is not new to businesses and industries. However, the application of these strategies may vary from one industry to another. Laundromats have a lot to gain from this technology in their businesses. Some of the benefits associated with eco-friendly solutions include:

• The approach is proactive – Laundromats have to identify the eco-friendly strategies they can apply in their business, hence make the fitting changes.
• Green technology is sustainable.

Green Solutions Applied By the Laundry Works Austin Laundromat

Although the concept of green laundromat practices is comparatively new, Laundry Works is among the leading pioneers in the subject. In this regard, the Laundromat has invested heavily on green technology. The company acquired a wide range of super-efficient equipment and environmentally friendly equipment, including:

1. Electrolux 220-300 G-force “X” Washers
These are High Speed performance washers, which have enabled the Laundromat to save on energy, labor, water and time. As compared to other washers, these washers spin at higher speeds. This high speed removes excess water from the clothes, hence reducing the drying time significantly.

2. W565HLE Equipment

With regards to going green, this is among the best equipment any Laundromat can get. The washer is not only easy to use, but also allows the company to save energy and water. The machine maximizes on the little water and energy it consumes to deliver impressive wash results. The system is highly effective and safe to use.

Other pieces of equipment that make the Laundry Works laundromat stand out from its competitors include Electrolux OPL Dryers and Electrolux Soft Mount High Extract “H” Washers.

This Austin laundromat, located at 606 West 29th Street, Austin, Texas 78705 is located in the West Campus area of the University of Texas.  One great service Laundry Works offers for UT students and other customers is reliable pickup and dropoff service for their laundry in the Austin area.