Market America for the Perfect At-Home Job

Working from home isn’t always sunshine and rainbows because of the methods currently being used. For the vast majority of people working from home, they either don’t have stable or reliable income due to being independent contractors through a third-party source or they’re spending a small fortune just to get and keep things rolling. This is why Market America created a site for the world to make use of, since they like to call themselves the un-franchise method of earning money on your own.

Franchises often have a lot of fees and regulations involved, which makes it nearly impossible to keep things going and earning the money that you need and want. With Market America, you get to sell other companies’ products and keep a relatively large percentage of the items you’re selling. You are solely responsible for a website that Market America will help you to build and market. You can market your new site on social media sites and by trading links through affiliate programs. If you ever have issues marketing or promoting your site, Market America is there to take the guesswork out of the process for you.

Another great thing about Market America is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. In fact, the vast majority of people interested in working with Market America can buy their own site and be on their way to getting started in a matter of about an hour. You are also your own boss, so you get to set your hours and days working, which is ideal for when you have an already-busy schedule and family. Being able to earn money from home should not cost you a lot of money and it shouldn’t take months or years to get started. Instead, this company gives you the opportunity to sell products that you won’t need to ship yourself and simply maintain a site that they help you to build. It really is a fool-proof way of earning some extra cash from home or even totally replacing the current income that you’re making from an outside job. Click here

Agora Financial Credible Financial Information that Helps Make Important Financial Decisions

Investment is what leads to wealth creation, and people need to make sure that they invest in the right investment option at the right time to reap the benefits. The financial markets have been volatile in the last few years, and it has made it more than necessary for people to be careful about their money and where they invest it. Agora Financial is one of the top publishing houses in the United States that have been around for many decades. It has an experienced pool of investment and financial experts who ensure that they keep a close watch on the market and predict its future based on facts and figures they collect from various industries and other performance indicators.

People today know that investment is essential but also know that it can be risky. It is why some amount of financial advice is essential to land on the right decision. Investment options are available in plenty in the market, but it is essential that people carefully tread when putting in their hard earned money. Some investment looks attractive but isn’t fundamentally strong, and it is what Agora Financial helps people with. The common people who do not have financial background find it difficult to understand the semantics of various investment options available and end up choosing wrong investment venue that can potentially lead to unbearable losses.

Agora Financial helps people with understanding the pros and cons of various investment options and where they should put their money, and also when. Such data is crucial to making correct investment choices and ensuring that losses are minimized, and profits are enhanced. Agora Financial has a huge network of reporters spread throughout the globe in various industries that help the publishing firm to gather information quickly and provide the same to its million readers who rely on such information to make a meaningful financial decision.

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Rocketship Education goes Public?

Rocketship charter schools was originally designed as a private place for disadvantage communities to send their children to earn a good education. However, this school is also known as Rocketship Public Education. This title simply describes Rocketship’s commitment to public education which is a part of the American way of life. However, Rocketship Education is still the formal name of this great public school organization.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 as a means to help disenfranchised students to succeed. This charter schools serves communities where children are most at risk. What this means is that disadvantage children now have the opportunity to make the most of their lives.

In America, education equals opportunity. It is also a major pathway into a better life. While it is true that not everyone needs an education to be successful in life – the vast majority of all American people will not get ahead without it. So, the main thing to remember is that having a good education is critical to financial and social success during the adult stages of life.

Laying a strong foundation in life is important for most American citizens. If they want to achieve the American Dream they will need the training and education to make this dream come true. Many American people are not going to automatically have access to a great education. They will have to work for it. Also, only a select few Americans will have the ability access opportunities that will provide them with an abundance of wealth. The bottom line is that without a good education most people will not get far in life in terms of finance and economic success.

Rocketship wants to lay a strong foundation that will change this. This organization wants to ensure that children can succeed and that they will have the foundation they need to get ahead. While Rocketship is a K-5 institution it provides students with a strong background that will help them to achieve in the middle and later stages of their educational career. Rocketship Education is still a charter school but its commitment to the American public education system is very important.

Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Receives Major Boost from DiCaprio

Hippeas, Green Park Inc.’s first and flagship brand of organic snacks recently received a major boost and a breath of new live after actor Leonardo DiCaprio along with Strand Venture Partners made some serious donations in the company’s last round of fund raising. Even though the actual amount was not disclosed at the time, Hippeas seemed confident that it would boost them significantly and would make sure that their targeted $2.5 million that was to be raised during this round was going to be met although they indicated that part of it may have to be covered by friends and a couple of angel investors.

The company, a subsidiary of Green Park Inc. has been making waves in the fast food industry and already has a retail network that spans the entire country. It is available in all of the country’s major retail stores and outlets including Starbucks, Albertsons and Vons with introduction into Target’s stores scheduled for later in the year. Negotiations for the new investment deal were handled by Green Park whose Founder and current CEO Livio Bisterzo described it as a big boost towards the achievement of the company’s goal.

It is worth pointing out that Hippeas was only introduced last year but managed to clear more than $2.5 million in profits during its first year of operation. This is largely in part due to Livio Bisterzo’s extensive marketing experience and understanding of the American market. In his own words, Livio states that introducing Hippeas into the market was relatively easy for him once he got everything into place because, he says it was not his ‘first rodeo’.

Indeed Livio Bisterzo is not new at what he is doing and his achievements should not come as much of a surprise. He has previously been right at the center of the successful launch of two big new products in the past and made quite an impressive showing. The two brands were Kyoku, a special men’s grooming line in the US and Miracles, a company that made tea drinks. However, before launching Green Park Inc. he first sold all his interests in the other two and now dedicates all his time to his new company.

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Brian Torchin: A True Success:

*Chiropractor turned Businessman:

Brian Torchin is currently the President of HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is located in Narbeth Pennsylvania. The agency has a team of highly skilled healthcare experts who have strong experience in staffing as well as managing and working within the medical environment.

Mr. Torchin had a great deal of staffing experience prior to opening HCRC Staffing.

Mr. Torchin is actually a Chiropractor turned recruiter. He was able to take his knowledge from his Chiropractic experience and combine it with his business know how and leadership skills to form a top of the line staffing firm.

Torchin began working with a variety of physicians, Chiropractors, physician assistants as well as other medical professionals immediately after graduating from college.

Brian Torchin’s drive to create HCRC staffing without a doubt came from his experience and interaction with skilled medical professionals. Mr. Torchin has stated many times that he learned so very much from the medical community over the years.

HCRC is a well known medical recruiting firm. In addition, HCRC also provides expert consulting services. Brian Torchin believes the key to running a successful staffing and consulting firm is strong communication as well as being able to identify the need of the client.

*Educational Background/ Training:

Mr. Torchin has some interesting education credentials. He was physical therapist for about three years after graduation. However, Brian Torchin decided he wanted to take his career ambitions further.

Torchin graduated from the New York Chiropractic College. He always stressed the importance of higher education as well as pursuing your career goals.

It was while Brian Torchin was a practicing Chiropractor that he decided to start HCRC Staffing. Mr. Torchin has no regrets and is quite pleased with where his career ambitions have taken him.

Who knows what is in store for this very ambitious businessman in the coming years. Most would agree that whatever Mr. Torchin decides to do career wise, it will most certainly turn out a success.

Talos Energy Embraces Drilling Opportunity in Mexico.

The energy world is always changing and that means companies need to be ready to move and change with the times. Talos Energy LLC, based out of Houston, TX, has recently gotten a jump start on the competition that is very unlikely to be beaten. Talos Energy recently broke open an 80 year old stay on private oil drilling in Mexican waters with their agreement to work on the Zama-1 well. Talos Energy is one part of a three-part approach to the Zama-1 well and it looks like it will be a game changing decision for the entire oil industry.

Mexico has been notoriously closed off to foreign drill teams entering their waters for private companies. In fact, it hasn’t been since 1938 that a foreign and private company has entered into a drilling contract with the country. Mexico has pretty much allowed Petroleos Mexicanos, the national state-run oil company, to handle all of their drilling. This change is one part of a huge shake up that might have a domino effect on the entire industry. You can rest assured that other industry hawks are watching to see how Talos Energy fares.

Of course, Talos Energy won’t be working alone though they will be running the well. Talos Energy will be partnering up with Premier Oil Plc out of London as well as Sierra Oil & Gas out of Mexico. Drilling as a team will begin on May 21st, 2017 and it is expected to run for nearly 90 full days. Reports show that the Zama-1 well may contain upwards of half of a million barrels of crude oil ready for the picking. Conservative estimates have the Zama-1 well featuring just 100,000 barrels of crude oil. Still, this is a step in the right direction for an industry that has been fundamentally monopolized against outsiders.

The Zama-1 well is situated within the Sureste Basin which is itself right off of the coast of Tabasco. Talos, Sierra, and Premier won the chance to undertake this well after a round of bidding back in 2015 sw their companies land atop the list.

James Dondero: The Financial Genius

James Dondero is a reliable name giving one of best services in the field of financial investment; it’s right to say him the Guru and expert of his field. He is the founder and owner of Highland Capital management, working out of Texas. The company works in the central region only for right now, though they always appreciate and cater all the clients coming from different regions across the country. James Dondero is professional and experienced when it comes to dealing with the finical matters and is working day and night tireless to make his company famous and well reputed. His company deals with the higher number of clients handling their house hold financials, to large companies looking for long term investment solution and financial stability. He deals with the clients of all the sectors and is well reputed because of his higher experience, and this experience has helped the company to flourish and to satisfy all the clients and to give them better financial solutions.


James Dondero is working in this field for 30 years making him well experienced. When he started this career, he was unaware of his capabilities that he will be this famous in this field. He learns and gets better with each interaction he has with the clients, and uses his knowledge when it comes to dealing with new clients. Protective Life GIC was the previous company he was working which was also a financial company. He started working with this company when he was in his youth and raised the bar of the company that it is today. Because of his tireless incredible work in his field he received many awards and appreciations.



Philanthropic, business minded, GURU of his field are the words that rightly describe James Dondero, he believes in working hard and making society a better and secure place to live. He regularly contributes to different programs held by different organizations that bring difference in the society and is working for mankind security and making this world a living paradise.

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Financier and Speaker- Vincent Parascandola

He was appointed as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisor for his vast skills and expertise in the financial sector. Vincent Parascandola has been given major responsibilities in the company. Some of his duties and services he provides include; employing, retaining, sales, productivity as well as the development of new and existing financial experts in the firm. After his University graduation the financial expert who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, began his career in 1987 serving at Prudential as an agent. Mr. Vincent was very hard working while at the company as he was honored as the National Rookie of the year.


Vincent Parascandola was determined to achieve his life’s experience at after his career at Prudential he later joined Mony Life Insurance Company back in 1990. At Mony, he was responsible for several regional as well as local field management positions. In 2004 he joined AXA Advisors. AXA; works hand in hand with other affiliates including; Advantage Group which Mr. Vincent was the President of one of its Units of AXA Equitable. Visit his Vimeo account for more details.


A committed financier and a leader for many years; Vincent has honored for his leadership skills as well as his financial expertise. GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards are some of the Awards that he has earned. Check out Rocket Reach to know more.


Mr. Vincent is not only a financier but he is also a motivational speaker who has been receiving invitations to speak at various events as well as conferences all over the world. He has been a guest speaker in events including GAMA’s national LAMP meeting, and LIMRA’s distribution conferences. Beyond speaking in events, and being a financier Mr. Parascandola is also a leader of several organizations including; GAMA, acted as the President of Florida Chapter, and the Chairperson of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. Vincent Parascandola attended Pace University, New York and he later graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree. Recently he was invited back to give the class of 2014 a speech during their graduation ceremony. AXA Advisors will be able to reach and achieve their goals accomplish their mission and vision through the able leadership of Vincent Parascandola.

Things Have Worked Out for José AuriemoNeto with JHSF

When José AuriemoNeto first took the position of CEO at JHSF, he wasn’t sure what was going to happen with the company and he also wanted to make sure that things were going to work out for himself with the company. Since he had always worked on his own as a developer in the past, he knew that he was going to make a big difference with the options that he had in the JHSF industry. He also knew that doing this would give him the resources that he needed to be able to take his developments to new levels so that he could bring change to the areas that he was in. He wanted to see the Brazilian areas flourish and that helped him to make the right choices for his business and with the business that he was a part of. José AuriemoNeto knew a lot about development and he brought a lot to the table with JHSF because of the experience that he had.

Appointing José AuriemoNeto as the CEO of the company seems to have worked out for JHSF. They are now flourishing more than ever and they have more properties than what they did in the past. It is something that they have worked hard for and something that José AuriemoNeto has been a huge part of. He has a lot of industry connections that have been able to help him make things better for JHSF and for the way that they are able to develop things.

Now, with their biggest project ever on the horizon, it is up to José AuriemoNeto to be able to help people get the real estate options that they need. With a huge new shopping mall, José AuriemoNetog knows that JHSF will be able to secure their position as one of the top real estate companies in all of Brazil. He wants to change the way that people see the company and he has chosen to team up with other CEOs so that he will be able to have exclusive rights in the shopping mall with particular stores.

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How Cassio Audi’s Early Music Career Became a Precursor to His Financial Career

Band Formation
Cassio Audi’s musical journey came to light in 1985 when he was invited over by a friend Felipe Machado to attend one meeting that he hosted in house. In the meeting he met three other gentlemen: Andre Machado, Pit Passarel and Yves Passarel who together constituted the soon to be Viper Rock Band. Having been identified by his friend as a passionate friend to the drum, Cassio then assumed this role at the band which he passionately took used to deliver. Nevertheless, he brought glory to his fellow band members who he dazzled with his eloquence and grit as he composed most of their songs that soon came out superbly done.
All about the Fame
With his multi-talented persona, he marketed the band well, hence winning major tours not only in Brazil but also across the globe. Such shows brought them much fame and criticism in equal measure. Most of the critics opined that they were too old fashioned to stay afloat in the music industry, but not so long, they released their much anticipated album Soldiers of Sunrise that featured tracks such as Princess from Hell and Killeria. The album literally sent their critics into panic mode since it attested that they indeed had got a wide acceptance in the musical space.
The Successes
The success of this album became an opener to many greater things such as more global tours, more money and immense fame. With all these, Cassio went ahead to fuse both heavy metal and classical music and the results came out as just incredible! The new change in style then attracted even more people to their side as they embarked on a major album which they named the Theatre of Fate. After, the release of the album, in 1989, did Cassio exit the group citing the need to pursue his financial career.

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