EOS Lip Balm Is Now Crystal Clear

Everyone is familiar with the EOS lip balm if for no other reason than its iconic circle shape. However, that has all changed. The company has come out with a new line called Crystal Clear Balm. Instead of the lip balm having a touch of color, it is now crystal clear. That was not the only change that eos has changed. The container and the lip balm have taken on more of a triangular shape. The balm is vegan, non-sticky, and provides weightless moisturizer thanks to the five essential oils contained in the balm.

When EOS began to create a concept for their lip balm, they wanted to create an experience that women would enjoy even for a second or two. This was the first of amny hurdles that they overcame in order to compete in the major market with the big names just as Chapstick and Burts Bees. Walgreens was the first major chain to welcome eos into their store. From there, the company worked on promtoing their product line by using beauty bloggers posting on the various social media markets. In no time, their product was one of the most lip balms being advertised.

EOS lip balm is still moving ahead. They have not stopped at their organic lip balm. They have begun to market a line of hand and body lotions and shave creams in all the natural scents that women enjoy in their lip balm. EOS promises that they are going to continue to develop new products and the new Crystal Clear Balm is just the start, order here!

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