EOS Keeps Lips Soft And Smooth

EOS is a company that totally changed the lip balm industry. The individuals that came up with the idea for EOS used innovative techniques and marketing strategies to get their products out to the public. EOS’s leaders wanted to do something different when it came to the way that lip balm was made. They wanted to make sure that their product was tailored to women, so they decided to ask women about the things that they liked most in a lip balm. EOS paid attention to the ingredients that they put in their lip balms, and they made sure that they were all natural. EOS infused their lip balms with healing oils like jojoba and vitamin D; they also designed their lip balm container to be smooth and enjoyable to the touch. EOS lip balms come in small sphere like containers. EOS’s lip balms are easy to identify in a woman’s purse, and they are fun to apply. Click here.


For over a century, the lip balm industry was totally dominated by Chapstick. There were very few companies that were able to hold a candle to the sales of Chapstick, and for that reason, many entrepreneurs did not even try. EOS wanted to capitalize on the defects of their competitors, so they made the wise decision to get the input from their potential customers. EOS was also able to get in contact with many popular cosmetic bloggers and get their approval for their product as well.


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Element Of Smooth has come out with a new 2017 limited addition spring lip balm pack, seeĀ evolutionofsmooth.de. This pack comes with two different lip balms that are soft and long-lasting. The flavors in the Spring Pack are Cucumber Melon and Coconut Milk. These lip balms all have smoothing Shea butter, and they easily glide on the lips. All EOS lip balm’s are gluten-free, paraben free, and petroleum free.