Michel Terpins and his Journey in Rally Driving

Michel Terpins started his rally career in 2002 where he rallied as motorcycle driver. He later advanced to a car rally driver and has ever since scaled in the field of rally driving. He was motivated by what his brother was doing after visiting him and it is then that he decided to join car rally.

His passion for driving led him to forming a rally team together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins called Bull Sertoes Rally Team that competes in Brazil’s Championships. The team has been successful as it receives sponsorships which enables it to continue being functional.

Since joining the rally industry, Michel’s success cannot be underestimated. Driven by passion, he has been able to be among the top scorers in the Brazilian Rally Championships. He has learnt a lot from the industry and it is this knowledge that keeps him soaring.

He has participated in many rallies and he has been among the top performers. He drives a T-Rex machine which was invented by MEM Motorsport. The machine is hi-tech with environmental friendly features that ensure that the gas emitted to the environment is friendly. It has a V8 engine which makes it more adaptive and convenient for the race.

Michel participates in prototypes T1 category in the Sertoes Rally and together with his partner Maykel Justo have managed to finish Serteos’ most important sections and have emerged at the top in their category. They have been rated the best and are expected to participate in the upcoming edition.

He was among the participants of a race held in Midwest together with his co-driver and managed to take the lead. It was one of the most participated races as it incorporated international rally drivers.

In his career as a car rally driver, Michel has experienced several challenges such as engine failure but these don’t stop him from driving. Instead, he is motivated to finding new solutions to the problem to avoid it from recurring in the following race. This way, he is able to maintain his top position and he is happy to welcome new and upcoming rally drivers to the industry.