Entrepreneur Chris Burch Develops Top Resort

Chris Burch is one of the top entrepreneurs in the United States who has been involved in the fashion and real estate industries. After acquiring a number of properties during his lifetime, he looked to get an international resort. He would team up with hotelier James McBride to acquire a hostel located in the Indonesian island of Sumba. After investing up to $39 million into the property, Burch helped build the hostel into a five star resort and named it Nihiwatu in 2015. Within one year of its establishment, the resort would be named as the best in the world by Travel & Leisure. It would also become yet another key addition to Chris Burch’s long list of valuable assets of his overall wealth.


In an interview, Chris talked about the Nihiwatu resort. One of the things he stated in the interview was that he bought this resort for his children. He is looking to give this to them as a gift and allow them to possess a valuable asset, see bjtonline.com. Another thing he said was that the resort was purchased as a way of giving back to the community. Burch believes that the resort will provide a number of people with a pleasant place to visit on a regular basis, more on businessinsider.com. Along with providing an asset to his family and the community as a whole, Chris also said that the resort has turned out to be a much better quality property than he ever envisioned. With butlers and every room and spas under waterfalls, Chris says that the resort provide a number of unique luxuries that you can’t get anywhere else.


Learn more here, http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/press/.


The career of Chris Burch has been a very successful one in business. He founded his own fashion company that specialized in selling preppy sweaters. Before he started up this company, he would purchase low cost sweaters and then sell them to fellow students when he was in college. Burch would later become the co chairman of another fashion company called Tory Burch.Hop over to crunchbase.com.


His success in the fashion industry would lead him to pursue other ventures such as real estate. Burch began investing in real estate by acquiring a property in Buenos Aires Argentina and converting it into a hotel. Chris would also develop another hotel property in South Beach as well. With these real estate holdings, Chris Burch became quite successful as a real estate investor. This also helped enhance his wealth and allow him to become well established in the real estate industry. Related article here.