As a professional with a marketing social site, you need a good profile with a high ranking search. However, your search rankings may drop.To get help on fixing your reputation, visit According to Neil Patel on February 12, 2014, one of the most asked questions is how to boost dropping search rankings. If your search rankings consistently gravitate to a lower scale, here is how to fix it;

• Internal Linking

Internal linking involves the linking of one of your web pages to another. However, do not use rich anchor text. Internal linking will help your content rank for long tail SEO related keywords.

• Speed up your site

Google benefits from your fast paced site because users prefer using time-saving sites. Thence, sign up for a Google Page Speed and follow up a nontechnical series of steps to see an increase in the loading speed of your site.

• Build Links

Build links but not on the page that registered a drop in rankings because Google will detect. Also, your rankings will drop. Building links to other internal pages help increase your overall site authority.

• Webpage update

This tactic is the most efficient of them all. By adding recent content to your page, Google ranks your site at the top hence better user experience. The stale content takes the older position on Google

Click-through rate increase

Google tracks your click-through rates through the Google Webmaster Tools. If a search engine senses that your click through rate is low, it ranks you low. To fix the situation, optimize your title tag and Meta description.

• Design Optimization

Compared to laptops and desktops, mobile and tablet handsets are growing faster. You will increase the chances of keeping your rankings high be ensuring your website is compatible with various types of designs.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management refers to creating and maintaining a positive product image. The key reason for hiring an online reputation management is to maintain the right image of a brand by;

• Prevention

Online reputation management professionals know how to detect negative communication thereby preventing it in the first place.

Crisis Communication Management

The internet can be a dual-edged sword; when negativity engulfs your content online, online reputation management professionals will fix it by identifying the sources and minimizing the damage caused.

• Building Your Brand


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