Securus Technologies Developing Correctional Industry through Innovative Technology

Many companies are actively trying to win the significant market share of the booming correctional industry. However, one of the businesses that have been reigning at the top of the industry for nearly three decades is Securus Technologies. The company has one of the most impressive track records when it comes to the efficiency and productivity of its products and services, whether it is for inmate communication or the crime prevention technology.


Securus Technologies invests millions of dollars each year in innovation and research, and it is what has helped the company to devise and develop some of the most innovative products for the inmate communication. Securus Technologies ensure that the customers can get the value for their money, whether it is the prisoners or the law enforcement agencies.


Securus Technologies believe that it is essential for the correctional industry to use the new age modern technology to provide better products and services to the end users. The law enforcement officers are also happy with the services they have been getting. It is because it helps in safeguarding their lives and also ensures that the criminals are arrested with ease. Moreover, with the advanced investigative technology in place, many of the criminals are kept in check. It helps in reducing the crime rate inside and outside of the prison. Securus Technologies has a pool of experts and scientists who dedicate their time to developing modern technology oriented products and services for the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is known not only for its products and services it provides to the correctional industry but also for its exceptional customer service. The company has been given a highest rating by the Better Business Bureau and is the winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service. It showcases the commitment of the company to serve the customers whole heartedly.

Securus Technologies

For the past ten years, one of the leading providers of technology and communications products and services to the correctional facility industry has been Securus Technologies. Securus, which is based in Dallas, Texas, may be best known for their video visitation service that allows facilities to provide more communication options to inmates and visitors.


While Securus is best known for their quality products and services, the company is also well-regarded for providing its employees with a great place to work. Securus, which employs hundreds of people across the country, has recently been nominated for the Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards is a major awards presentation every year in Las Vegas. This year’s presentation will take place towards the end of February and will work to acknowledge companies that have provided their employees with a great workplace environment.


Thus far, the company has received the nomination for the employer of the year recognition. By being nominated, the company will receive some level of recognition from the award panel. Securus will either receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal and will be recognized in front of other successful businesses in and outside of their industry. In total, there are seven members of the panel, each of which comes from a different background, which will have an impact on the final tally and voting.