Setting The Model For A Future World

The future world of business will focus on the potentials of the international stage. The manufacturing stage for worldwide operations is lucrative. So the OSI Group is being led by Sheldon Lavin and in a way no one expected. The world continues to expand and so are the businesses of industry. Industry allows massive quantities of goods to be put into play.

The OSI Group is now leading the world as the number producer in the meat manufacturing industry. It does so because of the vision it holds regarding how the world is expanding. Sheldon Lavin takes his vision and is setting the standards for future productivity or how other businesses will operate as they follow the steps of the OSI Group.

What International Expansion Actually Needs

The work of international expansion needs one ingredient and in order to truly thrive on. This component is demand. The world is made of up people like you and I. Each one of them seek various goods that the modern world produces. The more these people seek products and services, the more these products and services will be available.

Expansion needs a large demand and in order to create the results we’re seeing with the OSI Group. The results show themselves as running within the range of billions of dollars every year. The driving force behind any major company is the demand they have. The OSI Group is now operating with the demand of the world behind it.

The System Set Up By Sheldon Lavin

The recent developments we’ve witnessed with the OSI Group is only possible because of the business development in Sheldon Lavin’s hands. Sheldon is a highly respected CEO in the corporate world and brings together over 35 years of business experience. The priceless vision and advice of this agency leader enables OSI Group to take the international world by storm.

What the meat manufacturing industry is experiencing ripples within the entire business world. The process is revealing a great deal as Sheldon is giving free-range to do as he pleases and to put into practice the outstanding experience he has. This same experience redefined the OSI agency and brought it far into a modern world.

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OSI Group Industries Has Significantly Expanded Its Business In Asia And Europe

From the moment OSI Group was established, it was predicted to have a massive impact on the beverage and food industry. The company specializes in providing quality sandwiches, vegetables, sauces, and sandwiches. The firm’s headquarters are at Aurora, Illinois. The company experienced massive growth from the moment its founder and CEO, Shelton Lavin, took charge. Lately, the brand has been busy expanding its operations around the world.

The company has manufacturing plants around Eastern Asia. The brand created its first manufacturing plant in Beijing, China in the year 1992.It started off by selling its products to fast food restaurants. The brand’s growth was once again evident as it formed the Orange Bay Foods in Japan in the year 2010.The firm attracted angel investors from Ehime Prefecture in Japan. By partnering with packaging and transport firms, the brand has assisted the country’s economy to grow. OSI opened OSI Weihai Poultry in the same year in China. Nowadays the company specializes in hatchery, broiler and breeder feeding, slaughtering and processing. It received a 3-star good chicken award in 2017.The firm partnered with Doyoo Group in 2012 to establish one of the biggest processing plants in China.

The company has established several branches in other Asian countries such as India. It created the Vista Processed foods in the year 1995 which proceeded to install various manufacturing firms around the country. It started a vegetable processing plant in the year 2010.OSI Group is now on course to take over Eastern Europe. The company built a branch in Poland that serves Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, and Poland. OSI invested 25 million dollars into the establishment of a chicken processing factory in Hungary. As per now, the firm serves over 16 European countries with its products.

The kind of acquisitions the brand has managed are indebted to its success. The firm penetrated the southern German market when they bought a brand called Flagship Europe. The brand now prides itself on supplying mayonnaise, dips, poultry and different sauces.

In 2016 the company continued to flex its muscles when it acquired a Dutch firm called Baho Food. Baho foods currently manage factories in Netherlands and Germany. The business is planning to expand its investment portfolio in Europe and China. This move is a growth strategy for the enterprise. In the Chinese market, OSI Industries is admired as a brand that recognizes the tastes and preferences of its customers.

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OSI Food Processor Group

OSI group is an American, private food and beverage company that was established in 1909 and is based in Aurora, Illinois. It is a supplier of value-added food products to food brands, creating revenue of one billion and above. The food-processing company has 100,000 employees led by their chairperson and CEO, Sheldon Lavin and the president, David McDonald. OSI is an equal opportunity employer that prides on giving jobs to individuals who show a potential to help the company realize its goals in the market. The company believes any person can make a difference and is determined to employ the best and brightest in the world.

The company has subsidiary divisions that include but not restricted to China, Europe, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Canada and many more. In 2016, it was one of the 18 firms worldwide, which were awarded Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council for outstanding management of the environment. The event went down at Draper’s Hall in London City. The rewarded companies are those that watch environmental safety in equal measure as health and safety in all their operations.

OSI’s production in Scunthorpe was begun in 1989 producing beef and pork products for retail eateries. In 2013 and 2015, the company also won the Globe of Honor. In Spain, its production capacity has been doubled. The company has the entrepreneurial spirit that will enable them to succeed in marketing meat as well as support individuals who aspire to realize their full potential.

In its expansion endeavors, OSI Group has bought out a warehouse in Chicago that will enable the company in food processing and storage. It happens to be close to an already existing OSI Group facility, and growth is now inevitable. OSI Group has grown to almost 60 facilities spread in 17 countries. OSI China is the most extensive operator in chicken product processing.

Operating an Organization that runs on different continents is not a walk in the park. The regulations and cultures in the respective geographical regions as well as the various taste of the vast clientele, make it a challenge. OSI Group has a global network with people from the organization situated all over the world. Thus, understanding the local cultures, the company is continuously able to meet the customers’ need. In China, for example, it has two facilities underway, which upon completion will make OSI the largest poultry producer. The Company has acquired a flagship in Europe too.

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CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the man behind the success and achievement of the famous OSI Group. He has been on the frontline working for the success and the expansion of the company internationally. The company has recently acquired Flagship Europe and also the famous Baho Food which happens to have been a great boost in their investments. They have been able to expand their business to great heights and also in the improvements in their business spheres.

Sheldon Lavin has been in the company for over four decades now after he quit the banking industry. He also was a CEO and the chairman of his own consulting firm which he had used to make lots of wealth. When Sheldon Lavin joined OSI group, he rose to the ranks of the chairman and also the CEO of the alleged food supplier products. The company has approximately 20,000 customers and staff globally and has continued to grow towards becoming a leader in technology. He is also the staff favorite and has been known for investing his time in motivating the staff and also the promotion of teamwork. His company is always guaranteed of longevity which has become a very great advantage in the sector.

Sheldon Lavin was fully adopted in the meat industry in the year 1970. He was the mastermind behind the Otto & Sons financing. This was the first name for the OSI Industries. They started looking for international investments. When their father retired from the company of Otto & Sons, Sheldon got the privilege and got an appointment as the partner of the company. He later got a chance to work with the company full time when he was attracted by the business’ potential to grow. He also joined them because of the strategies applied in the business.

Sheldon Lavin worked with the company towards promoting its expansion and they started venturing into international markets. They ventured into Europe and North America in the 1970s. In the 1980s, they went to South America and Taiwan and later they moved to Philippines, South Africa, Japan, China and also Australia. The company has more than 60 working facilities which are spread out to more than 16 countries across the globe. They have been able to become the leading global supplier and also a company that has been awarded because of its commitment to the business. He is a great person who believes in the success of every venture.

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David McDonald & The OSI Group

David “Dave” G. McDonald is an entrepreneur. He is involved in a number of different industries and has multiple interests. Currently, McDonald serves as the president and chief operating officer (CEO) of the Washington, D.C.-headquartered business called OSI Group, LLC. Additionally, at 52 years old, he works as a part of the OSI Group’s board of directors and is also employed as the present director of the Australia-based OSI International Foods Pty Ltd.

Professional Background

McDonald is presently serving as the chairman of the NAMI (North American Meat Institute). His professional resume also includes a stint working as one of OSI Industries project manager. Since December 2008, McDonald was employed as one of M. G. Foods S.A.’s independent directors. He held that position after M. F. e Comércio de Alimentos’ acquired OSI Group’s locations in both Europe and Brazil.


After McDonald successfully graduated from high school, he headed for the Iowa State University. There he majored in animal science. In 1987 he completed the program and earned his bachelor of science degree.

About Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

David McDonald was recently interviewed by the staff at the CEO CFO Interviews website. He discussed numerous different subjects. He responded to questions on such topics as the business’ innovations, current direction, and a few additional subjects related to the overall sustainability of the business.

McDonald stated that the OSI Group remains focused on continued growth. He also commented that the OSI Group’s values are the same as they’ve always been but both the business’ product lines and individual answers to different problems that arise are always in an ever-changing state of flux. He concluded that he is quite proud of the company’s list of successes.

Baho Food Acquisition

This past August McDonald was in charge of the acquisition of Baho Food which is the Dutch’s leading convenience food processing corporation. After the close of this business deal, McDonald concluded that this acquisition would assist OSI in meeting all the needs of the company’s European customers.

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