Exquisite Lip Balm Flavors by EOS

EOS lip balms consist of an array of natural lip care products that come in various delightful flavors and colors. The lip balms have a rich organic formulation containing jojoba oil, soothing shea butter, and vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, get redirected here. These natural products are dermatologist-certified, hypoallergenic, and petrolatum, gluten, and paraben free. The lip balms are designed to make the lips beautiful, smooth, and soft. The invigorating scents and beautiful colors of the lip balms bring about style and delight to the users. EOS is presented in eight flavors, which keep the users’ lips smooth, soft, and moist. The products are ideal for dry and chapped or cracked lips. Here is a brief highlight of the three most preferred EOS lip balm flavors.


Passion Fruit Flavored EOS Lip Balm

The Passion fruit-flavored EOS lip balm has a fruity and light scent, which is not overpowering. This variety also has a light touch of tartness. The light scent and tartness make it akin to the EOS lip balm that was presented as a limited edition. If you need to give your lips a sweetly flavored coat with a scent having a tropical delight, then the passion-flavored lip balm is the right choice in softening and moisturizing your lips. Browse more EOS products here on amazon.ca.


Sweet Mint Flavored EOS Lip Balm

The sweet mint-flavored EOS lip balm has a cool minty flavor that imparts a cool sensation to the mouth and lips. The flavor has a strong menthol-like taste that presents the distinguished numbing and cooling effect, and it makes every breath to have a sweet, faint taste.


Pomegranate Raspberry Flavored EOS Lip Balm

The pomegranate raspberry flavored lip balm has a very fruity smell that is akin to candy and sweet like berries. The lip balm presented in a hot pink color, and it is available in sphere or sticks forms.


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All EOS lip balms are decent-sized, and they come in spherical or stick forms, which are both ergonomic in their application and easy to find in the purse because of their unique shape. The screw on and screw off lid is easy to open and close.


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