Sustainability as a Core Value At Cotemor S.A de C.V

Cotemor S.A de C.V is a Mexican company launched in 1979 as a service industry that met the needs of companies in the gas and oil industry. During this time the company maintained and managed offshore that would be used by their clients. Also, the company would provide transport vessels for their clients and material and equipment that they needed in the sites. In 1985, they bought their first rig that was used for accommodation. Slowly by slowly, the company began providing catering services to their clients, making sure that they had laundering services available to them and also provided recreational facilities such as netball and basketball courts. Today, the company has a large pool of professionals in various fields who ensure that their clients get all they need.



Cotemar prides itself in service and having a strong culture. The company understands that for them to continue being the best in the country, they have to treat their clients and employees with respect. The company communicates ethics, values and encourages their employees to speak up in case anything is not in line with their values. So far clients have commended the leadership at the company, stating that the company is one of the best employers in the country.



Leadership at Cotemar is friendly and involved in the employees’ future. The company has invested so much in their employees and makes sure that they advance their careers in the company. There are frequent training sessions set up for their clients. They are enlightened on the use of equipment and any latest technologies. This has tremendously affected positively the health of the employees as there are few cases of accidents reported in the firm.



Cotemar uses high end technology every now and then to encourage sustainability. The technology staff is always up and about devising and coming up with different ways that can help the company save the amount of gas and energy used. The company believes in sustainability and especially when it comes to ensuring that the environment is protected and conserved.



Additionally, the company is attached to its environs. Besides being an equal and fare employer the company engages in various activities that help the community as a whole. Every year, Cotemar invites experts in various fields and students and professionals to come together and share information and expertise in the various fields. This has a great impact on students and professionals as they add their knowledge.