Living Conditions Worsen in Venezuela

Living conditions for the citizens of Venezuela are worsening with each passing day. At one hospital, patients do not get the medications that they need. Large lines are forming at the one functioning elevator, so people have to wait for long periods of time to get from floor to floor. University hospital in Caracas has had to turn the lights out in many hallways because of the shortage of electricity. It is not just one hospital that is suffering, the whole health system of the country is suffering.
Many blame the setbacks and on the fact that Venezuela’s economy depends on oil exports for most of its earnings, with prices having fallen so low it is having an impact on the country. A severe drought has also reduced the power produced at a hydroelectric dam, causing even further shortages. Many residents are blaming mismanagement by the government for the problems the country is facing. The country periodically faces droughts, and oil pipe prices move up and down. Expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez feel the government should do better with their planning since these things happen from time to time.

Petitions have been circulated collecting signatures calling for the recall of Pres. Nicolas Maduro as repoted on Aserne. He seems to be following the same agenda followed by Venezuela’s previous president Hugo Chavez. Chavez is blamed for mismanagement of the country’s economy and it seems that the current president is not making needed changes.